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The Xiaomi foldable phone concept looks incredible coque iphone 4 new york pas cher in new teaser video We’ve just been given another look poids d une coque iphone xs hulk coque iphone at the Xiaomi foldable phone, and this time it’s a well lit shot of the firm’s co founder seemingly using the device to open apps and make coque iphone 7 beige video calls. marble iphone 11 case What gives this video credibility is the flexible phone is coque iphone 6 gtr being used coque iphone 6 créateur by coque iphone 5s snoopy Lin Bin, the co coque iphone xs bape founder of Xiaomi, and he shared it on his personal Weibo account where he said the “Xiaomi double folding mobile phone is coming.” Instead of having a central folding action, this device has two folding hinges, with the outer thirds of the large display folding behind the central portion of the screen. iphone 11 case kate spade That’s different to the only other foldable phone we’ve managed to get our hands on the Royole FlexPai which has a more traditional central folding action, but also considerably more bezel, while coque iphone 4 anti onde coque iphone xs tendlin the Xiaomi offering looks far more slick. supreme iphone 11 case You can see the Xiaomi foldable phone in action below. coque iphone 8 A little too goodAs impressive as the phone coque iphone 6 supcase appears in the video, it’s worth taking it coque iphone ferrari cuir with a pinch of salt. coque iphone 8 pas cher We’re skeptical as the concept phone seems coque iphone xs max apple silicone coque iphone coque fille iphone xs 5c personaliser too good to be true. Having been coque iphone 6s violet hands on with the Royole FlexPai a heavy, thick device with coque iphone 5c coque silicone 360 iphone xs avec anneau clunky software and a sizable bezel to one side to house the various technical features of the phone it’s difficult to see how Xiaomi has made such a coque iphone 5c homme torse nu seemingly slick device.